Shiloh 2015 Live Telecast and streaming from Glory to Glory live from canaanland

It’s another Shiloh season a time of Glorification,a time when people’s stories are been around for good.Shiloh 2015 is that season God’s children have been waiting to access their divine inheritance from God.

Shiloh (Josh 18:1) is a place of conferment of and the pickup of hanging inheritance to make men the revolutionaries on earth.

God’s divine agenda for us in 2015 is being fulfilled as we are living in the realms of Heaven on Earth. New Kingdom giants are being birthed and we enjoyed fulfillment of prophecies on every side.

While that is noted, even those with faded glory will have resurrected glory at Shiloh 2015, as it is an encounter with God and no one ever sees God and remain the same.

Come to Shiloh 2015 with SPECIFICS and detailed TARGETS and good will meet every raised voice in her own unique way.

Welcome to a paradigm shift on a global scale, from Glory to Glory!

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