Nigerians Reaction to the ISIS leader who tried to enter Nigeria

Ahmad al-Assir

A fugitive terrorist and Islamic preacher who tried

to flee into Nigeria has witness an after-growth as

authorities are wondering how he manage to receive a

Nigerian visa in Labanon.

His name is Ahmad al-Assir he has been on the run

and hiding for two years,he was seized over the

weekend trying to board a plane to Nigeria at the

Ahmad al-Assir and president buhari

Rafik International Airport in Beirut.
Al-Assir is also believed to have ties with the

Islamic State group.He was locally tagged the

“emir”of ISIS branch in Lebanon.

On Tuesday, August 18, President Muhammadu Buhari

was said to have urged the Ministry of Foreign

Affairs to investigate the issue and provide an

adequate explanation. This comes amid the

government’s attempt to wipe out the Boko Haram

insurgency in the northeast of the country.

This situation has risen fear among Nigerians

following the said allegiance pledged by Boko Haram

to ISIS earlier this year.The ISIS is consider to

be the most powerful and richest terrorist group in

the world.

so many Nigerians especially the anti-Buhari

readers has blasted the incumbent president about

the development,read some of their comments below:-

Onu Promise Onyinyechukwu: “Buhari invited his

colleague is an expected thing boko haram and Isis

hv the same vision sai buhari.”

Oforkansi Virginus: “Boko haram plegde allegiance to

ISIS and Buhari is the leader of Boko harem,so the

two leaders want to meet and discuss the way foward

for their terrorist organizations.”

Bashir Abdullahi: “Sai buhari, thanks for invite

isis leader.”

Jacob Okenyi: “Ask Mr president integrity, who gave

the military three months to wipe out boko haram.

Maybe he invited this terrorist to help the military

as part of the helps promised by the American

government. This regime is too deceptive.”

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