Nigerian Idol Season 6 2016 Online Registration And Audition

Nigerian Idol Season 6 2016 Online Registration And Audition


Introducing Nigerian Idol season 6 2016 online registration and audition which is promising another fun packed talent display that will not fail to blow your mind . Incase you don’t know

Nigerian Idol is a reality Tv show that is open to all qualified Nigerians who want to contest, battle with other contestants to win a price , where all  contestants are given equal chances to display the talent that  they possess . Nigerian Idol is one of the big talent show in Nigeria and it is proudly sponsored by telecommunication giants .

This talent  reality Tv show is an ideal for those people who really have some good talent in them but have no finance to push it to the next level of their career . You don’t pay for anything here , all you need is to register and you are good to go . If you are such person stop complaining and take advantage of this golden opportunity and become the next star in town . Nigerian Idol season 5 has come and gone , K-Peace emerged the winner . Let’s get thing right , Nigerian Idol 2016 online registration has not started but the commencement will be announced sooner or later.

Nigerian Idol season 6 2016 Requirements Includes:

1. Application is only opened to a legal Nigerian citizen or a permanent Nigerian resident who is eligible to work full-time in Nigeria and you must be very law abiding
2. Applicants must be between the ages of 16 to 28 years old and anything aside this is not accepted .
3. Applicants must be mentally balanced.

Application Procedures: Here are the guide to follow when applying or registering for Nigerian Idol 2016 registration and audition .

1. You must register yourself online and all information about you must be correct and properly entered to avoid disqualification. Website:
2. Then, you are required to send your name and preferred location to 5599 from an Etisalat line only , one hundred naira is charged for your SMS .
3. Finally ,  a confirmation massage will be sent to your phone and this message  you will present at the audition venue. Make sure that message is not deleted because that your life wire to this talent show .

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