Naija News: Boko Haram invades another Borno town Killing Scores

boko haram

boko haram

Askira Town  a predominantly  farming community and a border town between Borno and Adamawa states in Borno State has come under attack from men of the dreaded Islamist sect boko haram causing some resident of the community to flee the town  journalists  in Maiduguri has learned

Narrating the attack, a resident of  askira community who fleed to maiduguri, Yusuf Mohammed told news men that the boko haram sect stormed the town in a convoy Toyota Hilux vehicles and motorcycles

he said the hoodlum who attacked the town at about 3.35pm on Monday were armed with deadly explosives and improvised petrol – bomb . the attack destroyed several building including a secondary school, a telecommunication mast and the divisional police station in Askira Townf

further speaking, mr yusuf said They moved to burn down a school in the town to ashes. They did not stop there, they proceeded to the police station and a health center and threw IEDs at the buildings.”
The residents of the town freighted for their lives fled from the streets and market, running to safety
The number of casualties at the time of writing this report could not be accounted for, but some dead bodies of people where found littering  on the road, while we were fleeing towards Mbalala.” yusuf told Naija News report

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