It is widely gaining acceptance and is well turning the order of the day that once one becomes a celebrity next thing is having a baby mama which simply means having a child out of wedlock.As easy as it meant sound this is really becoming an issue as the younger generation look up to this so called stars.where then is our culture as Africans where is the value of marriage been placed.
In recent times you even see top government officials attending such naming ceremonies,which making it look more as a normal thing to do.The question here is where have we kept our values,what are the parents doing about this?what advice are parents giving to their daughters,most times this baby mamas never turn out to be wives as they are dumped after a while of flaunting them around.
It is obvious that people these days can do any thing for money and fame,as a result most of these ladies today do it for this two reasons,they just want to be famous  and be recognized any where they go and be carried in all social media news papers and magazines and finally gets cared for by the celeb,who buys them cars,pay their rents and see to their up keeps,looking at this you find out that to some this is a means to an end.But personal i call it laziness and looking for cheap recognition which is quiet shameful and should be stood against.
It has eaten so deep that we can no longer count celebrities with baby mamas as it is now easier to count ones without baby mamas.

If this continues as a trend and nothing is seriously done to check it we will end up producing a society where marriage will be seen as old school and a thing made for people without class.Our celebrities should know that been in the lime light makes you a role model for so many people especially your fans which mostly are made up of teenagers one who sees anything you do as good and will want to follow your foot steps.
In those days when our society was still decent when a girl is seen pregnant out of wedlock she is seen as a disgrace to her family and in most cases the two  family quickly reaches an agreement and marriage is conducted to make sure such child is not born out of wedlock,because it was believed that having a child out of marriage has a spiritual implication on the child,which could be true,according to relives in Africa.

But this days once is done by a celebrities he receives congratulatory messages for joining the league not minding the age, making others want to join the race.
We still have some celebrities in Nigeria whose marriages have stood strong over the years not minding the waves am not going to mention names but we know them and they have become good Ambassadors for the younger generation to see and no that marriage is a good thing and still  achievable even in the modern society,may God bless and keep your marriages stronger.
In conclusion,  no matter your religion culture or background marriage is a well respected institution in Africa as it is seen sacred.As a Christian we are made to understand that marriage was instituted my God himself for some reason which includes procreation which is to say their should be no procreation without marriage and having a child outside wedlock is actually a sin before God because it stands against his idea of having children. PEACE.

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