Many people have been asking questions about how to get hooked to a genuine dating site in Nigeria as there are many scammers out there who are always defrauding people and most times making them pay some amount of money without getting anything good out of it.

Because of this i took out my time to make some series of researches in order to bring an end to some of these questions been ask by young Nigerian or people around the world who hope to hook up with people in Nigeria,
I took Out time search out the best free dating sites in Nigeria that i know my readers will love.
Basically i will want you to know that there are two types of dating sites in Nigeria namely
(1)Free dating sites
(2)Paid dating sites

1. Sexy Naija 

Sexy Naija is in our humble opinion the best free dating site in Nigeria and is the most established site having started off way back in 2005. What we love about this dating site is that it’s incredibly simple and free and when we say free, we mean free. In other words, there’s no complicated system of “additional features” which you have to purchase by paying to upgrade your account, as is sometimes the case for other sites. You sign up by giving a bare minimum of details, including body type, occupation, religion, whether you have children and, interestingly enough, your drinking habits. Once signed up, you can follow, friend request, send a message or even purchase a gift for your potential lover with no extra cost.

2. Friendite

Second in our list of free dating sites in Nigeria is Friendite which does well in a few different areas. First, it has the best design and layout of all the Nigerian dating sites, making the experience particularly user friendly. In addition, Friendite comes with some cool additional features such as sending a “kiss” to your potential date and even writing on their wall or giving them a video call. The second reason we like Friendite is because it’s very active on social media with their Twitter site (@FrienDite) tweeting regularly and boasting over 4000 followers. Finally, we are impressed with the large number of users on the site with Friendite’s founder Okeke Emeka claiming in an interview with Human IPO that the site has over 75,000 users. All in all, Friendite is a good bet for anyone looking for a free dating site in Nigeria.

3. Meet Nigerians 

Another free Nigerian dating site for Nigerians looking for love is Meet Nigerians. The site does seem to be primarily aimed at Nigerians in the US and the UK but there is also a decent number of Lagosians and, to a lesser extent, girls and guys from Abuja and Port Harcourt. The option to upload a video is a pretty neat feature and we also love the fact that Meet Nigerians will feature your profile on your birthday. All that being said, we feel the site lets itself down by requiring users to spend money in order to purchase “gold membership” and access certain features such as sending SMS messages via the site. Gold membership can be purchased for one month, three months, six months or for a year and the price ranges from 1,800 Naira to 8,000 Naira depending on the length of the membership purchased.

4. Tinder

From London to New York, Tinder has taken off to become the latest craze in online dating and is now set to make it big here in Nigeria too. Tinder is a mobile application (available on Blackberry, Apple and Android devices) rather than a website and is free to download. Once downloaded, you simply swipe either left or right depending on if you’re into someone. If you like someone who also likes you, Tinder sends you a notification and you can message each other. It’s really that simple. Keep in mind that Tinder is widely seen as a hook up app. While Tinder may be the ideal choice if you’re looking for a sugar mummy in Lagos or a night of passion in Abuja, those looking for something more serious might want to consider the options above first.

5. Options for Christian and Muslim Dating Sites in Nigeria

If you’re a believer in the all mighty, then perhaps a Christian dating site or an Islamic dating site in Nigeria might be more up your street. Christian singles can check out the free Nigerian dating site Nigerian Christian Singles which caters for Christians from all over Nigeria. No dating site currently caters specifically for the Muslim community in Nigeria. However, do not despair as there are options available. In particular, Muslims looking for a dating site in Nigeria can check out Muslima which is a free dating site which is specifically designed for followers of Islam. The site itself requires its users to specify which type of Islam they follow, how familiar they are with the Koran and whether they wear a Niqab among other things. Muslima has tens of thousands of Muslim members around the world including many members from Nigeria and can be considered the best Islamic dating site in Nigeria.

6: middle2: Middle brings together single Nigerians within Lagos  the website which was founded in 2006  and since has been keeping up to its promise to reduce the number of single lagosians has about a thousand users looking for love. It being within Lagos doesn’t mean that people from other state cannot sign up.
7: Nigerian dating: Nigerian dating is a public dating website that allows men women boys and girls to meet and even start a relationship .Nigerian dating has been on for quite some time now it features a public chat room service that allows you meet new members from different location that suits you. its absolutely simple safe and free.
8: soul singles: This is an online dating website that gives quality online dating experience it allows you meet single men and women within Lagos apart from that you can also view their profile even before sending a friend request or accepting, in other to know the type of person you are adding or accepting
9:Metro date: Metro date gives its members a 100 percent free online dating experience  with more exciting features you can send, receive images videos date and even invite others  once you are signed up all this exciting stuffs for free no account upgrading no purchasing of extra features
10: Nigerian date-line: meet thousands of people from around the world, from Nigeria Canada United Kingdom and from united state who might be interested in you or who you might be interested in irrespective of where they are like its said distance is no barrier when it comes to love
11: Nigerian dating agency: Meet sexy Nigerian who are dating single divorced looking for love at your area you can register by signing up to the website @www.Nigerian dating agency.com   once registered you can search on the categories of people you  like to chat with.

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